Shillelagh Law – 2/18/13

  • Scots Wha Hae – Hugh Morrison
  • Suzy McGuire (Siun ni Dhibhir) – Alan Stivell
  • The Rangy Ribs I bought from Micky Doo – Kevin Mitchell
  • Charlie Darwin – Mcauley, Horan, o Caoimh
  • Red is the Rose – The High Kings
  • The Best Man (I may not be) – The Fenians
  • The Humors of Castlefin/Nia’s Dance/An Duidin – Altan
  • Momma’s Pet/Tailor’s Choice – Joe Burke
  • White Cockade – Jean Redpath
  • Sailor Song – Maria Dunn
  • Will You Go Lassie Go/The Wild Mountain Thyme – Mary Courtney and Morning Star
  • Jock Since I Saw Your Face – Gordeanna McCulloch with The Clutha
  • The Men that God Made Mad – Niamh Parsons
  • The Crawl – The Spirit of the West

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