Kosher Noise Playlist 2/4/13

  • Ya’Alili     8th Day      Chasing Prophecy
  • To Be a Loner      Adam Klein      AJMF Sampler 2010-2012
  • Etz Chayim        Blue Fringe        The Whole World Lit Up
  • High Is The Moon        Deleon        Casata
  • Gan Hashikmim (Sycamore Gardens)       Rika Zarai       Shiri Eretz Ahovah (Love Song of the World)
  • Ose Shalom         Gevatron        Beautiful Israel: 50 Great Israeli Folksongs
  • Gan HaTut (The Strawberry Garden)        HaDag Nachash (The Fish Snake)        LaZuz (To Move)
  • In the Stereo        Diwon ft. Idan Raichel
  • On the Waterfront        Ivri Lider        The New People
  • Zemer Shalosh Hateshuvot        Zahava Ben        Alterman Songs
  • Mishehoo Lerootz Eyat (Someone to Run With)        Daniel Solomon


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