Crescendo Molto – February 17, 2013

“Ripples in the Fabric” by Bells & Whistles
“The lights weren’t that bright, but our eyes were tired” by Industries of the Blind
“Kardusen” by pg.lost
“Good Morning, Captain” by Slint
“Empty Sets” by Turritopsis Nutricula
“Fine” by Turritopsis Nutricula
“The Man With the Hammer” by Leech
“A Hail of Bombs” by Red Sparowes

Untitled Track 2 by Ornaments (From their 2004 promo)
“Summer’s Orange Haze” by Our Ceasing Voice
“A Dark Day with Night” by Junius
“TMA-1″ by Rosetta
“Ara Caeli” by Toundra
“Heaven” by Loraine
“Metals of Callisto” by Capillaries

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