Sub Saharan Vibes — Jan 7, 2013

Artist                                                                                      Song

  1. Cesaria Evora                                                    Regresso
  2. Mahmoud Ahmed                                               Ere Mela Mela
  3. Magic System                                                    Ca me Degban
  4. Hugh Masekela                                                  Colonial Man
  5. Shirati Jazz                                                        Mary Yar Alego
  6. Emmanuel Jal                                                   Nyam Nyam
  7. Ali Farka Toure                                                  Hawa Dolo
  8. Sotho Sounds                                                   Ha Kele Monateng
  9. Nyota Ndogo                                                      Chereko
  10. Lucky Dube                                                       Reap What You Sow
  11. Fela Kuti                                                            Water No Get Enemy

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