Continental Drift: January 14th, 2013

Song:                                                                                             Artist:

  • National Anthem (USSR)                                                       Alexander Alexandrov
  • Sunrise, Sunset                                                                     Jerry Bock
  • If I were a Rich Man                                                               Jerry Bock
  • Metsakukkia Forest Flowers Finnesh Folk Song                   Andrei Kylov
  • Korobushka Russian Folk Song                                            Andrei Kylov
  • Russian Polka                                                                        Samovar Russian
  • Russian Dances                                                                    Samovar Russian
  • O Fortuna                                                                               Red Army Choir
  • Chariots of Fire                                                                       Red Army Choir
  • Story of the 12 Robbers                                                         Red Army Choir
  • A Rumor in St. Petersburg                                                     David Newman
  • Russian Lullaby                                                                      Victor Agranovich
  • Moon Over Bourbon Street                                                     Victor Agranovich
  • City Sochi                                                                          Sergei Trofimov
  • Zoika                                                                                  Alexander Rosenbaum
  • Call me to you                                                                   Alla Pugachova
  • Moja Igra                                                                            Basta
  • oi-yo                                                                                   Chaif
  • Blood Group                                                                      Kino
  • Chorni Bumer      (BMW)                                                  Seryoga
  • Magadan                                                                            Mikhail Krug
  • A star called Sun                                                               Kino
  • Colonel                                                                              B2
  • Iskala                                                                                 Zemfira
  • I’ll be back                                                                         Igor Talkov
  • Pachka Sigaret                                                                 Kino

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