50 LBS of Rice 01/28/2013

1. Embrace your smile(拥抱你的微笑) by Jing Guo(郭静)

2. Not your Fault(不是你的错) by DingDang(丁当)

3. Valentine’s Day by A Du(阿杜)

4. White Orchid(白兰花) by JJ Lin(林俊杰)

5. Time Reveals True Heart(爱久见人心) byFish Leong(梁静茹)

6. I Really Care(真的很在乎) by Kun Yang(杨坤)

7. Noah’s Ark(诺亚方舟) by May Day(五月天)

8. Waste(浪费) by Youjia Lin(林宥嘉)

9. Please Don’t Say Sorry(请不要对我说sorry) by Jie He(何洁)

10. So Hard(好不容易) by Liangyin Zhang(张靓颖)

11. Can’t Learn(学不会) by JJ Lin(林俊杰)

12. Those Years(那些年) by Xia Hu(胡夏)

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