Shillelagh Law – Christmas Eve, 2012

  • Huron Carol – the Five Fifths
  • The Marvellous Toy – Irish Rovers
  • Irish Christmas Song – The Pogues
  • A Breton Carol – The Chieftains
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Simplicity Christmas
  • Taladh Chriosta (lullaby of the Christ Child)
  • O Holy Night - The Chieftains
  • Ale is Dear/ New Christmas – from the album Scottish Christmas by Bonnie Rideout, Maggie Sansone, Al Petteway
  • Wexford Carol – from the album Celtic Christmas
  • True Lover’s Lament - Jamie Laval
  • The Bear and the Butcher Boy - Gaelic Storm
  • Whichever Way the Wind Blows – Gaelic Storm
  • Good King Wenceslas - The Five Fifths 

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