Kosher Noise Playlist 12/10/12 Channukah Edition!

  • Eight Nights (Channukah Mashup)     StandFour
  • Shine (Channukah Song)      The Maccabeats
  • Happy Hanukkah     Matisyahu
  • Miracle (Channukah Song)      Matisyahu
  • Miracle (Cover of Matisyahu Channukah Song)      The Maccabeats
  • The Channukah Song (Radio Edit)      Adam Sandler
  • Menorah Glow (Stereo Hearts for Channukah)      Matt Bar      Bible Raps Nation
  • Those Were The Nights (of Channukah)      The Yeshiva Boys Choir
  • Candlelight      Maccabeats
  • The Channukah Song Part 2 (Radio Edit)      Adam Sandler
  • Channukah (Light is in the Air)      Matt Bar      The Bible Raps Project
  • Darkness into Light      Matisyahu      Light
  • Light Up the Night (Channukah Song)      The Fountainheads

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