New Forces Playlist 11/6/12

The Replacements – “Kiss Me on the Bus” off the album Don’t You Think I Know Who I Was
Taco Leg – “Raiders” off the album Fan Death
Zounds – “Dirty Squatters” off the album The Curse of Zounds
Assorted Jelly Beans – “Booshduckdow” off the album What’s Really Going On?!
The Cramps – “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns” off the album Stay Sick!
Oxymoron – “Hey You” off the album Fuck the Nineties Here’s our Noize
GISM – Death Exclamation off the album Performance of War!
Turbo Fruits – “Murder”off the album Volcano
Angry Samoans – “Haizman’s Brain Is Calling” off the album Back From Samoa
Slug Guts – “Howlin” off the album Howlin’ Gang
Titus Andronicus – “Food Fight” off the album Local Business (live on WREK 10/31/12)
Penetration – “V.I.P.” off the album Fucking Dead Birds
The Drones – “Lookalikes” off the album Further Temptations
X Ray Spex – “Identity” off the album Germfree Adolescents
The Vibrators – “Whips and Furs” off the album Pure Mania
The Screamers – “If I Can’t Have What I Want I Don’t Want Anything” off their 77-78 Demo LP
The Slits – “Spend, Spend, Spend” off the album Cut
Television – “Foxhole” off the album Adventure

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