Kosher Noise Playlist 11/5/12

  • A Song of Pain     Meir Ariel
  • Lo Yodeah Eych Lomar Bach (Don’t Know How to Tell You) – לא יודע איך לומר בך      Mosh Ben Ari – מוש בן ארי      Ad Elai (On the Way to Me) – עד אלי
  • Funny Israelies      Yehonatan Geffen – יהונתן גפן      The Remaining Songs
  • Blessed Is The One (Ashrei Ha’eish)     Sheva      Live In Australia
  • Shvita (Strike) – שביתה     Hadag Nachash (The Fish Snake) – הדג נחש     Homer Mekomi (Local Stuff) – חומר מקומי
  • Todas Las Palabras (All The Words)      The Idan Raichel Project – הפרוייקט של עידן רייכל      Ben Kirot Beiti (Within My Walls) – בין קירות ביתי
  • Last Kiss      Ishtar      The Voice Of Alabina
  • Pajarito     Jaffa Road      Sun Place
  • Hakol Od Efshari (Everything is Still Possible)      Mashina (Machine)     G’virotai v’Rabotai (Ladies and Gentlemen): Mashina
  • So Hi So Lo     Matisyahu      Light
  • Yaba Yaba Ya      Ofra Haza      Ofra Haza: Greatest Hits (Disc 2)

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