Continental Drift — November 5th 2012

Artist                                                                                Song

  1. Michalis Terzis                                               Stin ARgatia (To the Working Class)
  2. Various Artists                                               Hicaz
  3. Takis Elenis and Anestos Anthanasiou         Gypsy Sorrow
  4. Various Artists                                               Pote tha fiaski o keros
  5. Pisa Teatro Verdi                                           Full Orchestra; Free as a Bird
  6. Nina Zilli                                                         L’amore E Femmina
  7. Eleftheria Eleftheriou                                     Aphrodesiac
  8. Can Bonomo                                                 Love me Back
  9. Ivi Adamou                                                     La La Love
  10. Mandinga                                                       Zaleilah

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