New Forces Playlist 10/9/2012

Stinky Toys – “Jack the Ripper” off the album Plastic Faces

Nena – “Nur Geträumt” off the album Nena

Ebba Grön – “Beväpna Er” off the album We’re Only in it for the Drugs

AC/Dixi – “Frambozenvla”

Kriminella Gitarrer – “Forbjudna Ljud” off their 7″

Fatsy Wataire – “Les Crepues de Camaret” off the album Chimene Hovelicot

Grisen Skriker – “1000 Punks” off the album Svenska Punkklassiker

Refused – “TV Freak” off the album RefusedLoves Randy

Métal Urbain – “Panik” off the album Les Hommes Mort Sont Dangereux

WIZO – “Hund” off the album UUAARRGH!

Slime – “Ich War Dabei” off the album Schweineherbst

Vorkriegsjugend – “Brot Und Spiele” off the album Wir Sind Die Ratten

KSMB – “Smygfacist” off the album Aktion

Aqui D’el Rock – “Dedicada” off their 7

Rude Kids – “Charlie” off their 7″

The Squad – “Born in the Concrete” off their 7″

Kollaa Kestää – “Kirjoituksia Kellarista” off their 7″

Warheads – “Dagen Är Natt” off their 7″

Король и Шут – “Смерть Халдея” off the album Герои и злодеи

  • (Korol I Shut – “Smert” off the album Gieroz I Ziodziej)


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