New Forces Playlist 10/23/12

GISM – “Endless Blockades” off the album Detestation

Disclose – Crawling Chaos off the album The Sound of Disaster

Kuro – “Selfish Cow” off the album Who The Helpless

Boris – “Statement” off the album Smile

Discocks – “Drinking and Driving” off the album Long Live Oi!

Misled Balds – Unfinished Sealed Fiction of Ward off album Lights From the Gutter Vol. 1

Gauze – “Fact and Criminal” off the album Equalizing Distort

Flash Gordon – “Surf Nazi Must Die” off the album Unholy Grave

Ging Nang Boyz – “I Don’t Wanna Die” -

Maximum the Hormone – “Chu Chu Lovely”

Cobra – “Oi Oi Oi”

Razors Edge – “Skidding Eagle off the album Thrashing Goes Lovely

The Stalin – “Romantist” off the Stop Jap LP

Nicotine – “Jimmy is my Punk Ass Brother” off the album Samurai Shot

I Excuse – “The Theme of Resigned Man Including Me” off the album Burn the Empty to the Ash

Laughin Nose – “Sensou Hantai” or “Antiwar” off the album S*** Up Your Nose

Real Reggae – “NO!!” off the album Maze + The Best

Garlic Boys – “Psycho Thrash” off the album Psycho Thrash

Explosion Sack – “E.S.” off the What’s Joke EP

Electric Eel Shock – “Scream for me” off the album Beat Me

Romantic Gorilla – “Time Up” off the album Romantic Gorilla

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