New Forces Playlist 10/2/2012

D.O.A. – “2+2″ off the album Something Better Change
NoMeansNo – “We Are The Chopped” off the LP Mama
Propagandhi – “I Want You to Want Me” off the album How to Clean Everything
F’ed Up – “Neat Parts” off the album Couple Tracks
Japandroids – “To Hell With Good Intentions” off the album No Singles
The Flatliners – “There’s A Problem” off the album Flatliners
The Asexuals – “Take a Look Around You” off the album Contemporary World
The Weirdies – “Party Over Here”
Comeback Kid – “Give and Take” off their demo album
The Nils – “Truce” off the album The Nils
Career Suicide – “Recipe For Disaster” off the album Attempted Suicide
Sectorseven – “Honest Liar” off the album Dual
Akuma – “Naufragés” off the album 100 Démons
Banilieue Rouge “Aide-toi et le Ciel T’aidera” off the album En Attendant Demain
Cheval Fou – “Frotteur” off the album Rapido Fameux
The Evaporators – “The Bomb In My Pants” off their 7″ split with Andrew W.K.
Subhumans – “Death to the Sickoids” off the album Incorrect Thoughts
D.B.S. – “It’s All Right” off the album Tales From the Crib
White Lung – “Loose Heels”
Chixdiggit! – “You’re Pretty Good” off the album Pink Razors
No Warning – “Scratch the Skin” off the album Suffer, Survive
Radical Attack – “Dead Reality” off their 7″ split with Crucial Attack
Dayglo Abortions – “Stupid World” off the album Stupid World, Stupid Songs
Kremlin – “Anti-Septic” off Will You Feed Me? 7″

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