Kosher Noise Playlist 10/15/12 with Gideon Matzkin

  • Laximum       Consolidated Ensemble       Seeds Of Sun
  • Psalm 93       Abayudaya Congregation        Music From Ugandan Jews
  • V’ech Shelo (How It’s Not) – ואיך שלא       Mosh Ben Ari – מוש בן ארי
  • Omed Bashar (Standing at the Gates)      Amir Benayoun
  • He Kol Kach Yafa (She Is Sooo Pretty)      Kaveret (Bee Hive), lead singer Danny Sanderson
  • Shir Hamakolet (The Song of the Convenience Store)       Kaveret (Bee Hive), lead singer Danny Sanderson
  • Mishahoo Pa’am      Ivri Lider
  • Yiram Hayam (When the Sea Will Sing)       Yitzchak Fuchs
  • Kol Halailah Bachiti (All Night I Cried)      Chai Afik

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