Sub Saharan Vibes Sept 10, 2012

Artist                                                                         Song

  1. Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars                      Man Muyu
  2. The Soto Koto Band                                          Mariama
  3. The Boyoyo Boys                                              Gikeleza
  4. Kanda Bongo Man                                             Wallow
  5. Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang                        Ro Lungi
  6. Soweto Gospel Choir                                        Ngahlulele
  7. Boubacar Traore                                               Kar Kar/Vinvent
  8. Bana                                                                  Serpentina
  9. Alhaji Sikuru Ayinde Barrister & his Londoner Exponents
  10.                                  “                                         Olorun Oba Ki Binu
  11.                                  ”                                         Bi Oba Je Olowo
  12.                                  ”                                Who can Tell the Meaning of Fuji Sound
  13.                                  “                                Late Yusuf Olatunji (Alia Baba Legba)
  14.                                  “                                Afro Fuji Sound
  15.                                  “                                Alhaji Olayiwola Alani Bankole

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