New Forces Playlist 9/25/2012

Coathangers – “Johnny” off the album Larceny and Old Lace
Predator – “Creep”
Fallen From the Sky – “Victims” off the album Tonight We Radiate
The Wild – “Dear Noah”
Be Your Own Pet – “Bicycle Bicycle You are My Bicycle” off the album Be Your Own PET
Turbo Fruits – “Mama’s Mad Cos I Fried My Brain” off the album Echo Kid
Black Lips – “Freak Out” off the album Black Lips!
Neon Christ – “Draft Song” off the album Parental Suppression
From Ashes Rise – “They” off the album Nightmares
Big Star – “Ballad of El Goodo”
Johnny Five – “God Among Men”
Nana Grizol – “Blackbox”
Southern Culture on the Skids – “White Trash”
Quadiliacha – “Ken’s Squirrel”
Against Me! – “We Laugh at Danger (And Break All the Rules)” off the album Against Me! Is Reinventing Axl Rose
Carbonas – “Ripped Red Dress”
The Malignmen – “Things”
Hated Youth – “Hardcore Rules” off the album We Can’t Help it if We’re From Florida
Rat Cafeteria – “Tax Revolt” off the album We Can’t Help it if We’re From Florida
Morbid Orchestra – “Private Prostitute” off the album Jesus Loves You So Give Me Your Money
No Fraud – “Suicidal Maniac” off the album The EP
Act of Faith – “Stepping Away” live at Wreckroom

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