New Forces Playlist 9/18/2012

The Briggs – “This is LA” off the album Come All You Madmen

X – “Sex and High Society” off the album Los Angeles

The Alley Cats – “Bitter Fruit” off the album Escape From the Planet Earth

Black Randy and the Metrosquad – “I Slept in an Arcade” off the album Pass the Dust, I Think I’m Bowie

The Bags – “Violent Girls” off the album All Bagged Up

The Germs – “Manimal” off the album (Mia)

Black Flag – “TV Party” off the album Damaged

Flipper – “Ever” off the album Album: Generic Flipper

Social Distortion – “It’s the Law ” off the album Prison Bound

Circle Jerks – “Beat Me Senseless” off the album VI

Descendents – “Suburban Home” off the Album Two Things at Once

The Dickies – “Curb Job” off the album The Incredible Shrinking Dickies

Weirdos – “We Got the Neutron Bomb” off the album Weird World

The Nuns – “Savage” off the album 4 Days in a Motel Room

The Zeros – “Beat Your Heart Out” off the album Don’t Push Me Around

The Plugz – “In the Wait” off the album Better Luck

Fear – “New York’s Alright If You Like Saxophones” off the album The Record

The Screamers – “In a Better World” off their 77-78 Demo LP

The Dils – “You’re Not Blank” off their 1977 7″

Adolescents – “Marching With the Reich” off the album Brats in Battalions

The Controllers – “Do the Uganda” off the album Killed by Death 15.5

The Runaways – “I Love Playin’ With Fire” off the album Queens of Noise

Bonus Tracks (didn’t have time to play):

Angry Samoans – “Haizman’s Brain is Calling” off the album Back From Samoa

Dead Kennedys – “Let’s Lynch the Landlord” off the album Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

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