Mode 7 Playlist for 9/30/2012

Segment 1

Mass Effect 2 – The Illusive Man
Deus Ex – UNATCO Return
StarCraf 2 – Terran 5
Epic Mickey – Clock Tower [requested]

Segment 2

Black Mesa – Forget About Freeman
Unreal 2 – Archeron
Mass Effect 2 – Tali

Segment 3

Sequence – Loui
Bastion – Build That Wall
Chrono Cross – Time’s Scar
Plants vs Zombies – Day Stage
Final Fantasy 13 – Saber’s Edge

Segment 4

Portal 2 – Cara Mia Addio (turret opera) [requested]
Super Mario Galaxy – Kamella Battle [requested]
Chrono Trigger – Wind Scene [requested]
Zombies Ate My Neighbors – Panic of the Undead (remix by NoppZ) [requested]
Half Life – Track 17

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