New Forces Playlist 8/21/12

  • The Surf Coasters – “Samarai Struck” off album of same title
  • Mermaids – ” Frozen In Time” off album Tropsicle
  • The Dead Rocks – “O Miionario” off album One Million Dollar Surf Bar
  • Stiff Little Fingers – “Alternative Ulster” off album Alternative Chartbusters
  • The Outcasts – “The Cops Are Coming” off album Good Vibrations
  • The Tearjerkers – “Murder Mystery” off album Comic Book Heroes
  • The Coathangers – “Stop Stomp Stompin'” off self-titled album
  • Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles” off album Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
  • Circle Jerks – “Beverly Hills” off album Group Sex
  • The Replacements – “Alex Chilton” off album Pleased to Meet Me
  • Violent Femmes – “Kiss Off” off their self titled album
  • Modern Lovers – Roadrunner
  • Teenage Jesus and the Jerks – Orphans off their self titled album
  • Red Dons – Everyday Distraction off the album Death to Idealism
  • Zero Boys – Drug Free Youth off the album Vicious Circle
  • Christian Club – Christian Club Will Die off the compilation Raw Aggression
  • Neon Christ – Neon Christ off the album Parental Suppression
  • Sleater-Kinney – Words and Guitar off the album Turn It On
  • Dengue Fever – Cement Slippers off the album Cannibal Courtship
  • The Secret Prostitutes – Punk Adalah Ginjaklu off the self titled album
  • Holy S*** – Self Civil War off the album Jazz Phase
  • FIDLAR – Oh off the album DIYDUI

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