Mode 7 Playlist for 8/5/2012

Segment 1

StarCraft 2 – Rythmic Tension
StarCraft – Terran 3
Mass Effect – ArmageddonN7 (remix by Big Giant Circles)
Doom – Reprocessed (e1m6) (remix by Beatdrop)

Segment 2

MegaMan X3 – Super Fighting Robot X (remix by WillRock)
Mushihimesama – The One Who is Always in the Forest
Donkey Kong Country – Jungle Groove

Segment 3

TNMNT IV: Turtles in Time – Big Apple
StarFox – Corneria (remix on Super Smash Bros Brawl)
StarFox – Star King (remix by DaMonz)

Segment 4

Unreal – Magnus
Portal 2 – Machiavellian Bach
System Shock 2 – Engineering Deck
Contra 4 – Base

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