Mode 7 Playlist for 8/26/2012

Segment 1

StarFox – The Battle Base Meteor
StarFox – Meteorave (remix by bLiNd)
Mass Effeect – M4 Part 2 (end credits)

Segment 2

Final Fantasy VI – Ruffneck Terra (remix by halc)
Mega Man 9 – Blackout Tower (remix by Neblix)
Unreal – Nightvision
Red Alert 2 – Industrofunk
Portal 2 – The Part Where He Kills You

Segment 3

Gangnam Style 8-Bit (remix by PSY)
Megarace – NGLoop
Contra 4 – Harbor
Mushihimesama – The One Who Is Always In The Forest
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic – Dantooine Battle

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