50 Lbs of Rice 8/20/2012

More Amazing music all the the time… Well really just for this one awesome hour.

Here is the set list for Tonight’s Show

  1. Brillant by Ayumi Hamasaki off the album Five
  2. Why…(feat. JUNO) by Ayumi Hamasaki off the album Five
  3. Hanabi by Ayumi Hamasaki off the album Five
  4. My little heart by Miku off Vocaloid
  5. Stargazer by Miku Hatsune off Vocaloid
  6. Endless Lover by Jackie Chan off Myth
  7. I’ll Make a Man out You (Mandarin) off Mulan
  8. Khmer HipHop by ????? off ????
  9. Feeling You by Kebee
  10. Go Space (feat. Soulman) by Kebee off The Passage
  11. Tenderly by Tha (yeah that is correct it is not “the”) Blue Herb off Life Story
  12. After It by Nujabes & No. 9 of Mellow Beats, Friends & Lovers

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