Kosher Noise Playlist 7/23/12

  • Sunshine     Matisyahu     Spark Seeker
  • Ha’rikud Ha’muzar Shel Ha’lev      Rona Kenan With Gidi Gov     Putumayo Presents – Israel
  • Straight To Ya Brain     MC Theorie, Controverse, Stepper & Big J      Jenerous Skillz
  • Yehi      Srulily Williger      Jewishjukebox.Co. Complimentary CD
  • Cain and Abel (Brother’s Keeper)      Matt Bar      The Bible Raps Project
  • Tumbalalaika      Gevatron     Beautiful Israel: 50 Great Israeli Folk-Songs (Disc 1)
  • Lehiyot Adam      Zohar Argov      Greatest Hits (Disc 2)
  • Geula (Redemption)      Various Artists      Anana Presents: Music From Israel
  • Darbukadani      Tomer Yosef      Laughing Underground
  • Youba      The Sway Machinery      The House Of Friendly Ghosts Vol. 1
  • The Starting Four      Subliminal     The Light From Zion
  • Hayiti Manyak (I Was a Maniac) – הייתי מניאק      Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) – שוטי הנבואה      Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) – שוטי הנבואה
  • Tipa Veod Tipa      Sarit Hadad      Ashlaiot Metokot
  • Divooneh (Crazy)     Rikud – ריקוד      Camp Ramah Darom Rikud
  • Flip     Prodezra Beats      Connection Revealed

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