54-46 playlist july fifth, twenty-twleve

“A Rough Guide to Ska”

The Skatalites – Malcolm X
Rico Rodriguez – Rico Special
Bunny & Skitter – A Little Mashin’
Basil Gabbidon – Iveree
Bobby Gaynair/Rico Rodriguez/Dizzy Johnny/Richard Ace – Blockade
Alton & Eddie – Let Me Dream
Bunny & Skitter – Leave Out Babylon
Rico Rodriguez – Rico Farewell
Cornell Campbell – Make Hay
Roland Alphonso – Blow Roland Blow
The Maytals – Someone’s Going to Bawl
Lester Sterling – Skaramont
Naomi Adams – Woman of Samaria
The Skatalites – Ska-Racha
Lord Creator – Don’t Stay Out Late
Don Drummond – Sam the Fisherman
Stranger & Ken – Revelation
The Skatalites – Freedom Ska
The Maytals – Lost Penny
The Skatalites – Baby Elephant Walk
Alton Ellis – You Make Me So Very Happy
Alton Ellis – Ain’t That Loving You

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