Shillelagh Law – June 11th

  • Rare Old Irish Whiskey – John McGettigan and his Irish Minstrels
  • Merrily Kiss the Quaker’s Wife – John McCormick
  • Taimse N Arrears – Cran
  • The Hielan Laddie – Gordeanna McCulloch
  • Cran – Erin, Gra mo Chroi
  • The Upside Down Blackbird – The Clancy Brothers
  • The Lowlands of Holland – Dick Cameron
  • The Rambline PitchFork/ The Bride’s Favorite – Matte and Deirdre Connolly
  • Cunla – Planxty
  • Jig – Edited by Reg Hall
  • Reel – Tom Byrne and Tom McCaffrey
  • En andouillen -
  • Paddy O’Brien

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