Kosher Noise Playlist 6/25/12

  • Bella Bellissima – בלה בליסידה          Hadag Nachash (The Fish Snake) – הדג נחש          LaZuz (To Move) – לזוז
  • Don’t Fly Away       Tomer Yosef      Laughing Underground
  • An Old Love Song     Haparvarim      The First 30 Years
  • Balda lazvuv      Hashlosharim      Hashlosharim
  • L.Y.G.     Jaffa Road      Sun Place
  • HaShir Shel Mimi (Mimi’s Song) – השיר של מימי תום רהב      The Idan Raichel Project – הפרוייקט של עידן רייכל
  • Medabrim Elaich – מדברים עלייך      Mashina (Machine)      G’virotai v’Rabotai (Ladies and Gentlemen): Mashina
  • Sunshine     Matisyahu      Spark Seeker
  • Poppin Proverbs      Matt Bar     The Bible Raps Project
  • Nocturno      Noa      Both Sides Of The Sea
  • Where Are You (24-7)     Prodezra Beats      Connection Revealed
  • (R)evolution – (Controverse, MC Theorie & Lefty)      Controverse, MC Theorie & Lefty      Jenerous Skillz
  • Prili – פרילי      Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) – שוטי הנבואה      Shotei Ha’nevua (The Fools of Prophecy) – שוטי הנבואה
  • Hafinali (The Finale)      Subliminal Ve Ha’Tzel      Ha’Or Ve Ha’Tzel
  • Pilgrimage      The Sway Machinery      The House Of Friendly Ghosts Vol. 1

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