50LBS of Rice June 11, 2012

1. 遇见快乐Came across Happiness by 辛晓琪Xiaoqi Xin

2. 人人爱 Everybody Loves by 陈奕迅Eason Chen

3. 依然爱你 Still Loving You by 王力宏 Lihong Wang

4. 胡萝卜须 Carrots by 许嵩 Song Xu

5. 苏州河边 By the Suzhou River by 李丽华/姚敏 Liahua Li/ Min Yao

6. 放下 Let Go by 张靓颖 Liangyin Zhang

7. 王老五 Wang Lao Wu by 王次龙 Cilong Wang

8. 最远的距离 Longest Distance by TANK

9. 飞鱼 Flying Fish by 梁静茹 Jingru Liang

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