Psych-Out! Playlist for May 9, 2012

  1. Eternal Tapestry – Ancient Echoes (Beyond the 4th Door)
  2. The Phantom Family Halo – Dirty Blade (When I Fall Out)
  3. Gandalf – Can You Travel in the Dark Alone (s/t)
  4. Faust – Do So (Peel Sessions Version) (Faust IV – 2006 Virgin reissue bonus track)
  5. The Nazz – Open My Eyes (s/t)
  6. Sic Alps – Occult Display (Napa Asylum)
  7. Simply Saucer – Nazi Apocalypse (Cyborgs Revisited)
  8. High Rise – Monster A Go Go (II)
  9. Flying Saucer Attack – Moonset (s/t)
  10. Last Days of May – Up From the Equator (Radiant Black Mind)
  11. Circle – Lokki (Raunio)

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