50LBS of Rice May 28, 2012

1. 明天的记忆 Memories of Tomorrow by 孙燕姿 Yanzi Sun

2. 好难得 Finally by 丁当 Ding Dang off 《好难得Finally》

3. 远歌 Yuan Ge by 吴彤&黄英 Tong Wu&Ying Huang

4. Magic by 罗志祥Zhixiang Xiang

5. 我不能哭 I must not cry by 莫艳琳 Yanlin Mo

6. 我怀念的你 I Miss You by 卫兰 Lan Wei

7. 不难 Not difficult by 徐佳莹 Jianying Xu off 《理想人生Ideal Life》

8. 洗衣机 Washing Machine by 五月天 MayDay off 《第二人生Second Life》

9. 同伴 Partner by 农夫 Farmer

10. 好不容易 Finally by 张靓颖 Liangying Zhang off 《倾听 张靓颖 Listen Liangying Zhang》

11. 倾听 Listen by 陈威全 Weiquan Chen

12. 浮城 Floating Castle by 郑家星 Jianxing Zheng

13. 笑一个 A Smile by 浩角翔起 Hao Jiao Xiang Qi


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