Psych-Out! Playlist for April 25, 2012

  1. David Prescott/Gen Ken Montgomery/Conrad Schnitzler – Triangle Prelude (V/A, Turn of the Grindstone)
  2. Comets on Fire – Whiskey River (Blue Cathedral)
  3. The Cosmic Dead – Astral Curvature (Cosmik Live Aktion, Vol. I)
  4. Syd Barrett – Two of a Kind (The Peel Session)
  5. Amen Dunes – Gem Head (Through Donkey Jaw)
  6. Tales of Murder and Dust – Hypnotized Narcissist (Hallucination of Beauty)
  7. Os Mutantes – Baby (Os Mutantes)
  8. Liliental – Gebremster Schaum (s/t)
  9. [request] The Silver Apples – Lady and the Clown (The Garden bonus tracks)

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