Continental Drift for April 23, 2012 — Egypt

Take a fantastic journey with your host DJ Felipe to an important cultural center for North Africa and Southwest Asia. Of course, we’re talking about Egypt! Hear the sounds of a land as dry and as culturally varied as they come! We’ll even learn a thing or two about those majestic pyramids…

You can listen to the world on Continental Drift! Every Monday night from 10 PM until midnight Eastern Time. The playlist for this episode is below.

01) “Coptic Mass: [Untitled]” — Ayyad Naggib, Girgis Habib
02) “Salah” — Michael Levy
03) “Salamat Salamat” — Ra’is Qinnawi Mizmar Band
04) “Hossam and Mohamed” — Hossam Ramzy, Mohamed el Toukhy
05) “Zai el Hawa” — Abdel Halim Hafez
06) “Hymn To Horus” — Michael Levy
07) “Baladi Dance” — Abu Zariya Band
08) “Asmar Helwah Ya Nas Uhibuh” — Sitt Widoudah al-Manyalawiyyah, Sami al-Shawa
09) “Ashki Limn Zill El-hawa” — Munirah al-Mahdiyyah
10) “1st Diaspora: Egypt” — Steve Lieverman The Gangsta Rabbi
11) “Khud Lak Yawm” — Mufidah Ahmed
12) “Tahtil Shibbak” — Fatme Serhan
13) “Al Ghazal” — Ali Hassan Kuban
14) “Qal Eh Ya Hliff” — Umm Kulthum
15) “Gure Na Imi” — Ali Hassan Kuban
16) “Wayah” — Amr Diab
17) “Childhood” — Hamza El Din
18) “Hannena feat. Mohamed Mounir” — Genetic Drugs
19) “Bent Il Balad” — Fatme Serhan
20) “Illa Habibi” — Amr Diab

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