Ain’t no Agent Zero

Greetings, funkateers. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for this special announcement. Perhaps you’ve happened upon this by dumbluck. In the latter case I recommend you not buy a lottery ticket anytime soon, for you are already riding a tremendous wave of good fortune which is too good not to run out. This blurb is merely to announce our guest deejay on this week’s (Thurs, 4/26/12) Electric Boogaloo: Brian “Agent 45″ Poust (be sure to follow him on Twitter). We are very fortunate to have this bastion of music knowledge grace the studio this week, not just to inform, but to enlighten on the finer points of rarified groove and soul. The Agent is a highly trained assassin of rhythm. His weapons of choice: 7″ (caliber) vinyl and wax.

(l-r) The Mighty Hannibal, Agent 45, Hermon Hitson
(l-r) The Mighty Hannibal, Agent 45, Hermon Hitson
Agent 45 has been collecting the most treasured of 45 rpm platters for perhaps too many years to count. As a Georgia resident, he’s culled some of the more sought after, yet hard to find, singles and b-sides to come out of the Empire State of the South. And he doesn’t just play, but he reads, learns and writes about it over at his blog, Georgia Soul. Please join us for this special occasion.

Be sure and check us out this week (11pm to midnite on 91.1fm in Atlanta and streaming all the way live at, and if you miss it, (well, shame on you, but) you can grab the set on our archives located at the Mothership. I’m looking forward to bringing him back in for another set already.

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