50 LBS of Rice April 9 2012

1. Burn! By Milk and Coffee

2. Wan An Qu by Yuqing Fei

3. Yuan Jia Han Jia Lang by Qing Cai

4. The far far way sky By Xu Wei

5. Only Love By Jianya Cai

6. Yue Lai Yue Bu Dong By Jianya Cai

7. Alive By Sa Dingding

8. Listen to the Wind by Pu Shu

9. Wang Lao Wu (2) by Cilong Wang

10. Yi Sheng You Ni by ShuiMuNianHua

11. Rolling in the Deep (Gu Zheng)

12. Lovely Eyes by Fei Wang

13. Yi Nian Zhi Zhuo by Hu Ge & A Lan

14. Yue Zhang Da Yue Gu Dan by Milk&Coffee

15. Hui Gu Niang by Jun Zheng

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