50 LBS of 2/20/2012

Here are the songs for tonight’s show

  1. 1) Yi Wu Suo You (Nothing to My Name) by Cui Jan
  2. HongĀ  Niang Hui Zhang Sheng by Zheng Jun Mian & Li Hong
  3. Time Machine by Hatsune Miku off Vocaloid
  4. Shinkai Shoujo (Deep Sea Girl) by Hatsune Miku off Vocaloid
  5. ???? off Oriental Pearl
  6. Mr. Bubbles by Dengue Fever off Cannibal Courtship
  7. Family Business by Dengue Fever off Cannibal Courtship
  8. Kaze Wo Atsumete by Unknown off Lost in Translation Original Soundtrack
  9. An Herbalist Affair by Unknown off TVB Themes
  10. Deadline by Hins Cheung off Unknown
  11. Glac Mo Mot Cuoc Tinh by Ung Hoang Phuc off Tu Tin De Dune Vung
  12. Unknown by Laos Funk Yodeler off 365 Days Project
  13. Bubble Pop by Hyuna off 2011
  14. For The World by Tan Dun off the Hero Soundtrack

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