50LBS of Rice, January 30, 2012

Here are the songs for this week’s show:

  1. Merry Christmas Mr.Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto
  2. Energy Flow by Ryuichi Sakamoto
  3. Paralell Universe by Hongsheng Huang
  4. Very Good by Yi Huang
  5. Lost Heartbeat by Yaxuan Xiao
  6. Give Me Some Sunshine off movie sound track <3 Idiots>
  7. Pojian by Yongkang Su
  8. Always Friends by Yin Na
  9. Beautiful Love Songs by Baoyi Zeng & Huangqi Xiao
  10. Ka Ca by
  11. Tian Guang by Shuming Wu
  12. Tea Soup by Kewei Yu

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