Sci Fi Lab 10/13/2011 – Chris DeLeon

5-Minute Madness Discussion – Favorite Scifi Video Games

Show Guest – Chris DeLeon

At the end of the post is everyone’s “answers” to 5-minute Madness
If you are interested in Video Game Development, Chris talked about the Georgia Tech Video Game Development Group: . Mr. DeLeon mentioned that the group meets every Friday at 4:30 pm.
Next week an interview with the Head of the GT Science Fiction Collection Ryan Speer.
If you would like to send in your favorite science fiction video games email the Scifi Lab at
See every one next week @ 7pm.

 5-Minute Madness Answers:

Chrono Trigger
Deus Ex
Mass Effect
Iron Soldier
Mechwarrior 2
Shawn -
Rogue Squadren
Command and Conquer
Travis -
Freespace 2
Bioshock 1 or 2

Tyler -
Alice: Madness Returns

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