Mode 7 Playlist for 10/23

Sorry I missed the show last week, we had an staff retreat and I forgot to program a pre-recorded show. :x


Segment 1: 1800
Unreal Tournament – Mechanism Eight
StarCraft CD – Nonstop Remix
Deus Ex – Mission Eight

Segment 2: 1820
Geometry Wars – Music Mix [requested]
Megaman 4 – Pharoh’s Last Dance (remix by Vurez)
Contra 4 – Base
Contra 4 – Tunnel Boss

Segment 3: 1836
StarFox – Godspeed (remix by The Wingless)
Mass Effect 2 – Tali’s Theme
Star Wars – The Asteroid Field [requested]

Segment 4: 1853
StarCraft – Low Tension INspiurational
Ikaruga – The Stone-Like

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