Pillage & Plunder 9/13

Tonight we’ve got Pillage & Plunder performing on Live at WREK!

Originally forming in the summer of 2004, Pillage & Plunder began as just something fun to do for three guys on the weekends. Coming from backgrounds of punk, jazz, and pop, each member brought something different to the table, thus creating a melting pot of their own unique sound.

While juggling universities, working odd jobs, and continuing to pursue music, these three boys concluded in 2010 that music is where their true passion lies, and since then have been aggressively pursuing music as their career.

Tune in at 10PM online or on 91.1 FM in Atlanta to here their live performance, and check out their website!

One Comment

  1. You guys rock!! Love the Blue!!!!

    Comment by ND on September 13, 2011 at 10:18 PM

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