WREK going to 100,000 watts

Antenna Installation Pre-Inspection

Antenna Installation Pre-Inspection

WREK is nearing the end of the tremendous task of bringing our station to 100,000 watts, the maximum power level for an FM radio station. (we’re currently at 40,000 watts) Starting on August 15, 2011, we will begin tower work for the upgrade process.  Since we have to complete both structural modifications and replace our antenna, listeners should expect some off-air time and reduced power.  You may have some difficulty hearing WREK on your radio during this time. We expect the process to take around 4 weeks.  Online streaming will NOT be affected, so you can still hear all your favorite shows from anywhere!

Once the new antenna is installed, WREK will be coming back as one of the very few college radio stations at the full 100,000 watts with HD Radio and still managed entirely by students.  You’ll be able to hear us at a much larger radius and get a better signal in the city as well.

Stay tuned for more information as this project nears completion…

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