Playlist for 2-1-07

I’m not posting a What’s up with what’s going down this week, as not much has changed from the one posted last week. Except, that I forgot to mention that Soulive is playing the Ga. Theatre out in Athens this Friday, Feb. 2.

Flying solo tonight, hopefully next week Nasty Chris will bring the funk that she didn’t get to play last week. Now I’m confused.

Funk on the Solo Tip

by fallex

Artist Cut Album
Wade Marcus Spinning Wheel What It Is (comp.)
Funk Factory Rien Ne Va Pas What It Is (comp.)
Earth Wind & Fire Bad Tune What It Is (comp.)
Parliament All Your Goodies are Gone Up for the Down Stroke
George Duke Man-Dog Master of the Game
Nina Simone Funkier than a Mosquito’s Tweeter It Is Finished
Fishbone Freddie’s Dead Truth and Soul
Lenny White Away Go Troubles Down the Drain Venusian Summer
Herbie Mann Push Push Push Push
Beastie Boys Car Theif Paul’s Boutique
Weather Report Between the Thighs Tale Spinnin’
Donald Byrd Flight Time Donald Byrd’s Best

italic = background for interludes


The Dude

JT (as always)


One Comment

  1. Thanks for playing the Donald Byrd the past two weeks. I am a fan. I have many of his albums but Street Lady was the first. Anyway, not to monopolize your comments but, another song you might like is by Isaac Hayes from …To Be Continued, “The Look of Love”. It is more of a slow funk rather than a high energy funk. But since I was known as Mr. Mellow at WREK, you can guess that I might know about those kind of songs. Anyway, keep it funky.

    Comment by gpicard4 on February 8, 2007 at 9:23 PM

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