The Godfather is Dead

Well, I’m finding it difficult to keep this blog up to date. And of course, like two days after I create it, the Godfather of Soul up and dies. This would normally be cause for an eulogy, but since I’ve been so slack, I’ll simply make a mention of it.

I never got the chance to see JB perform live, though I’ve seen Maceo and many of the JB’s. By the time I had realized what funk was, JB was rarely performing for the public, and when he did it was a $300 dollar affair in some faraway place. I think his popularity and success bred a certain feeling of contempt for the general public which is ironic, given his meager upbringing. Who can blame him, though, as he is almost single-handedly responsible for the birth and boom of a genre (funk). Not to mention the influences that he’s had on other artists and types of music (re: hip-hop). Of course the man loved money, so maybe that was just it.

That is all I’ve got for now. Feel free to share your JB experiences in the slapbacks section.

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